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Online Promoting Healthy Development Survey (Online PHDS)

Providers and health care organizations have a responsibility to optimize the health of their patients and their families through partnership and engagement. The Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative (CAHMI) wishes to support health care organizations and providers in their adoption of family engagement and quality family-centered health care. The CAHMI has developed the Online PHDS to address the gaps in measuring communication-dependent aspects of care by asking parents directly about their experiences with their child’s health care provider.

Learn more about the Online PHDS from this 2-page Overview and Frequently Asked Questions for Providers

Cycle of Engagement

You may choose to use the Online PHDS with an online, parent-completed pre-visit planning tool, the Well Visit Planner (WVP) ( to complete the Cycle of Engagement (COE) for early childhood. You can also use the COE for care-coordination and care planning with the CARE_PATH for Kids (CPK) model and tools.

The COE is a model for engaging parents in an ongoing, collaborative way to learn about, measure, and improve the quality and outcomes of care for children. The COE uses a personalized and systems-integrated approach based on guidelines and best practices. The model is comprised of pre-visit planning, within-visit engagement and post-visit assessment. Learn more about the COE from this 2-page Overview.

Cycle of Engagement Model

Online PHDS for Organizations

The Online PHDS can also be used by community organizations (such as Head Start and Help Me Grow), health plans, and group provider practices.

Get Started

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